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Change coming to small business – from custom shirts, custom hats resource

A change is coming – and small business owners are ready! Shared by your custom shirts, custom hats, and custom t-shirts resource…

At You Design Your Own we are certainly your resource for custom shirts, but beyond that we want to make sure you have additional resources for your small business marketing strategy. We found this valuable article that will help you with some economical strategies to boost business. For your custom hats we hope you’ll give us consideration. Our sublimated crew shirts, screenprint t-shirts, and custom hats provide just one economical solution in your marketing plan. We hope this article aids in your marketing strategy…

Monday, February 15 2016 ~ Click here for full article and credits

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‘Agile’ has fast become one of the most commonly used buzzwords in business.

Where success once relied on proven rigid practices, we’re now encouraged to pivot, interact and iterate our way through the day to be responsive to changing landscapes.

It’s a cultural shift that stands in line with our new connected economy, and it’s put small businesses firmly front and centre. The structure and the mindset of small businesses combine to mean they’re perfectly positioned to capitalise on unpredictable opportunities.

Whether they’re using remote software, flexible employee structures, or creative marketing techniques, small lean businesses are constantly looking at ways to shift and improve their output to achieve the most effective results.

Small businesses don’t have the multiple layers of stakeholders, boards and approval processes that can typically slow the bigger-business response to time-sensitive situations. In that alone, small businesses have a competitive edge that many owners have started to maximise.

Here, three small-business owners talk about how they bend and shift to changing circumstances, and what it’s doing for business.

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