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Custom Hats Embroidered 

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Custom hats with complimentary graphics and embroidery will make your team stand out. Whether in the pits, on the sales floor, in the office, or at a trade show; a fresh looking team makes any business soar. Custom hats and apparel provide Brand Awareness. When your team looks good, they feel good and when they feel good, they perform at their highest level. With quality custom hats and apparel you are showing pride in your business that will resonate throughout your team. Custom Crew Shirts and Cap Designs are limitless. 

The minimum order for custom hats is 144 pieces. Pricing varies depending on the type of hat ordered. For more information, contact us.

Some of our Latest Custom Hats

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Custom Hats Embroidered – a Long Time Tradition – Companies, organizations, and political figures have relied heavily on promotional products, such as custom hats, for over two hundred years. Commemorative buttons were used in the inauguration celebrations of President George Washington in 1789, and since then, promotional products, have proved their ability to successfully advocate a desired message. As the popularity of baseball grew in America in the 1850’s, replicating and customizing parts of the baseball uniform, such as the hat, became a popular way for companies to get their brands noticed. Printing a company name or logo on a custom hat is an easy way to increase brand visibility, especially as more Americans begin to favor the hat not only as a fashion accessory, but also as a highly functional form of headwear. Distributing custom promotional caps is a great way to promote your brand while helping recipients protect from the suns harmful rays. 

According to a study conducted by Georgia Southern University, those who receive a promotional product, such as a custom promotional cap, have a markedly more positive regard for a company and are more likely to both use and recommend the services of the business to others. Caps are a fashionable and durable accessory that recipients can carry with them wherever they go, so, when looking for a promotional item that is sure to guarantee long time use and exposure, be sure to choose custom promotional caps.

Custom hats are a reliable promotional giveaway for almost every occasion. Hats are the perfect choice to help strengthen any marketing campaign because of their high functionality and versatility. Whether you distribute custom hats to employees within your company or to potential clients, they are bound to appeal to both males and females of all ages. Apparel is consistently ranked among the top go-to items for promotional giveaways which makes the custom promotional cap a perfect choice for any occasion.

Get started with your Custom Hat design! Download Our Custom Hat Template Here!


Custom Hat Options

Profile Options:

  • Medium Profile: Fits farther down on the head and the crown stands higher.
  • Low Profile: Fits higher on the head and has a sloping front crown.

Fabric Options:

  • Cotton Twill:  Textured quality cotton.
  • Brushed Cotton Twill:  Brushed cotton twill, for a soft feel.
  • Trucker Mesh: A coarse plastic mesh with large holes.  Layer it over fabric for a different style.
  • Sport Mesh: An absorbent mesh that is softer with smaller holes to keep you cool.  Layer it over fabric for a different style.


  • Sandwich Area: The edge between the top and bottom of the bill.  You can have contrasting color text, woven or printed on the edge of the bill.
  • Distressed & Frayed Bill:  Get the vintage worn look on the edge of the bill. Also available, have the frayed bill expose a contrasting color.
  • Under Bill:  The underside of the bill can be a contrasting color, and/or have it embroidered!
  • Upper Bill Embroidery:  Add regular or 3D puff embroidery to you bill.
  • Bill Size and Style:  Choose pre-curved or flat, standard, short, long, colors. It is all made to your custom order. 

Basic Hat Options: 

  • Sewn Eyelets: Get holes sewn into front, back and sides of cap. 
  • Top Button:  Get a top button where all the panels of the cap come together for a finished look.
  • Stitching: Stitching to construct the hat can be the same color as the had or a contrasting color.
  • Structured Hat: A structured hat has a  stiff mesh (Buckram)  fused to the inside-front of the cap to keep the front of the cap standing up.
  • Unstructured Hat: An Unstructured hat will lay flatter and looser.
  • Sweat Band: An absorbent fabric band around the inside edge of the hat.


  • Velcro Strap: Low cost and easy to use velcro strap. This area can also be embroidered.
  • Deluxe Buckle Back:  A customizable high quality buckle.
  • Slide Buckle: standard metal buckle style.
  • Plastic Snapback: Adjustable Plastic Strap
  • Back Embroidery: Have embroidery over the back hole.


  • Regular Embroidery:  Standard embroidery with no padding.
  • 3D Puff Embroidery: The embroidery is padded so it stands up for a 3D look.